Board Advisory

We can advise company Boards and Senior Management Teams on how to optimise their safety efforts and to be effective and strategic. This includes establishing a strategy based on what an organisation wants to achieve, what its safety ambition is and how it intends to get there.


We can develop safety governance processes and systems that enable organisations to be aware of their safety and other business risks and to take control of those risks.

Organisation Assessment

We can assess the strengths and weaknesses in your organisation to establish how these influence your business and safety performance and how improvements can be incorporated.

Safety Culture and Resilience

We can specifically assess and measure individual, team and organisational culture and resilience and support improvements at all levels.

What Is Mindful Safety Leadership

  • Understanding what Leadership is represents the first step towards understanding Safety Leadership.
  • Understanding what Safety Leadership is and then appreciating the influence of Leaders.
  • Mindful Safety Leadership describes the specific traits required of a good and effective Safety Leaders.
  • We can help your Leaders become Mindful Safety Leaders.


Based on a sense of vulnerability, have an awareness of the implications of their actions and decisions they make and behaviours they exhibit.


Doubt the validity of nothing but good news;


Always seek out the truth and show an active interest in safety;


Take ownership of safety issues and ensure that they’re addressed;


Believe in safety and always seek to lead by example;

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