With a focus on safety strategy; mindful safety leadership; process safety and governance, SSCL works to add value throughout the safety chain.

Through resilience and maturity assessment and measurement; imaginative engagement programmes and events; safety leadership awareness and coaching; and prioritised improvement planning, we can help your leaders to become Mindful Safety Leaders and help turn your organisational culture into a uniquely strategic and sustainable Generative culture of safety.

Many organisations seek only to comply with legislation or other prescriptive requirements. We’re here to help you understand which aspects of your safety effort are more most important and will have the greatest positive impact – it’s about the quality rather than quantity and often you can do less but achieve more.

We can provide support at any stage of an organisation’s development. Let us help you establish what it is you want to achieve and we’ll work with you to help make it happen. Everything we do with and for you has a specific and strategic purpose – we are Your Strategic Safety Partner.